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Deep within the mountains of the Land of Dawn sits an ancient fortress. Though the owner is unknown, it is rumored that it could be a descendant of the legendary race that once walked the Lands of Dawn. It said that this race is older than the earth itself, having a special affinity for nature, they were able to build deep connections and relations with various beings of nature, especially the Stone Titans. ########These amiable giants possess rocky skin that is almost impervious to all physical force, but due to their kind nature, they mainly use their physical prowess to sleep safely. These stony giants love sleeping so much that they will hibernate for up to half a year sometimes, but however once they are awakened, it is hard for them fall asleep again. One day when Grock awoke again, he found himself to be alone, the guardians of the fortress long gone. He proceeded to saddle the fortress onto his back to find the owners, setting out all over the Land of Dawn to find any news on their whereabouts, so he may one day return their home to them.

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Hero Info

  • Win52.42%

    Rank 20

  • Appearance0.45%

    Rank 45

  • Ownership0.04%

    Rank 45

Fighting Ability

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  • Offense


  • Durability


  • Jungle


  • Poke


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Knocks away nearby units when destroyed Destroyed

Main skill 1, level up the Ult when unlocked

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